Update For Your Information from LSLIRC

Federal Indian Day School & Indian Residential Schools Day Scholars

In an effort to clarify information regarding the two Class Action Lawsuits that are currently accepting claims - this information has been taken from their respective websites.

Federal Indian Day School Class Action:

  • To be eligible for compensation in this Settlement, individuals must have attended one of the identified Federal Indian Day Schools or Federal Day Schools during specific eligible class periods listed on the List of Federal Day Schools (Schedule K).

  • While family members are not eligible to receive direct compensation, the representative of the estate (executor, administrator, or trustee) of a late Claimant who died on or after July 31, 2007 can file a claim on behalf of the deceased. If the deceased Claimant had no will (naming an executor), then a representative will need to be appointed. This process will depend on whether the deceased Claimant ordinarily resided on reserve or off reserve.

  • For more information you can go to website: www.indiandayschools.com

  • Or contact: Claims Administrator:1-888-221-2898