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Community Health & Wellness Planning - Needs Assessment


Kapawe’no First Nation (KFN), through its Health Department, is conducting a community health needs assessment (CHNA). The purpose of the CHNA is to learn more about the KFN community, its strengths and assets, community health concerns, community health service needs and gaps, and suggestions for improvements. The information will be used to develop a new five-year plan for the Health Department and is a requirement to receive our federal funding. Carol Blair and Associates has been contracted to assist with the community health needs assessment.

Information will be gathered in several ways:
  1. reviewing relevant background information on KFN, gathering statistical information about the health of the community, the types and amount of health services used;

  2. interviewing community members; Elders, leadership, management, staff in all departments and community organizations;

  3. doing a survey of community members; an electronic survey will also be an option.

This is your community, this will be your plan and we would love to hear from you! Carol Blair and Colette Cornejo will be conducting the interviews. The following questions will guide the interview. The expected time for individual interviews is approximately one hour. Group interviews may require up to 1.5 – 2 hours. We are happy to try to connect with you in any way we can: in person during the week of January 24th – 28th, or by zoom, or by phone, or by having you fill out an online survey! We have many options next week for you to speak to us – please call the Health Centre to book a time! We cannot wait to hear your feedback! The electronic version will be launched the 1st week of February.

The answers you give to the questions are very important to the Community Health Needs Assessment and will help us, working with the Health Department, to develop a five-year plan for your community health services. Your name will not be used and any information you give will be kept confidential. All information gathered throughout the assessment will be summarized into major themes that identify the community strengths and needs going forward.

NOTE: We recognize that since March 2020 the community has been affected by COVID. The Health Centre has been closed to the public and many programs have been curtailed, and staffing positions terminated. Only essential service providers have been working since March 2020. As much as possible please respond to the questions as you experienced the services prior to COVID and, when applicable, about your experiences during COVID.

Please take a look at the options available for you to engage with us – and please call the Health Centre to book a time. Groups are a maximum of six (6) people, and all groups will be at the Community Hall. Youth under 18 years of age will need a consent signed for permission to participate.

We thank you in advance for sharing your time, experience, and expertise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carol Blair at 780-387-5870 (office) or 780-231-5873 (cell).


You can join in person in the following ways

  1. Group Session – maximum 6 people: See Group options below

  2. Individual Session – maximum 1-2 people who book together eg. a couple - See Individual options below

  3. In person, by phone or virtually through zoom – just let us know when you book

  4. Sign the consent of permission for your child to attend if they are booking and under 18 years INFORMED CONSENT FORM FOR MINORS

4Under 18 Consent Form for KFNth Needs Assessment Jan19.2022 1
Download PDF • 478KB

5. Please look at the options, call and book a time – arrive with your smiling face. You do not need to bring anything when you come. Copies of the questions that will be asked are below for reference. You don’t need to write anything down.


2Community Engagement Posting Jan20.22 2
Download PDF • 138KB



We thank you in advance for sharing your time, experience, and expertise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carol Blair at 780-387-5870 (office) or 780-231-5873 (cell).


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