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Declaration of Inherent and God Given Rights of Kapawe’no First Nation Citizens – the underlying philosophy of all activities of the Kapawe’no First Nation and which affirms the human rights of every band member.


Access to Information and Privacy Code – the management of the collection, protection and release of Kapawe’no First Nation information, including information on band members, ensuring that personal information is strictly guarded and not released or accessed without the permission of the person.


Code of Appeal – provides the mechanism through which community members can seek redress on any issue that they believe was unfairly dealt with, including a process whereby issues can be reviewed and reconsidered. This  code also provides Chief and Council with a mechanism to address complaints from the community in an orderly and consistent fashion.


Code Governing the Ratification of Government Decisions – establishes requirements which ensure that community involvement, approval and support is maintained through an effective process of communication and ratification of all decisions proposed by the leadership of the Kapawe’no First Nation.


Custom Election Code and Regulations – establishes the process through which leadership positions with the Kapawe’no First Nation are filled.


Code Governing the Enactment and Publication of Laws – describes the process that ensures proper notification, ratification and implementation of any laws governing the Kapawe’no First Nation.


Financial Code - establishes the processes and strict guidelines for the overall financial management of the Kapawe’no First Nation’s resources, thereby ensuring that the leadership and administration are accountable and fiscally responsible to the community.


Principles of Good Government – adopts eight basic principles of good government which promote the philosophies of the leadership of the Kapawe’no First Nation, including accountability, value for money, responsiveness, openness, standards of excellence, fairness and equality, consent and rights and freedoms.


Code Governing the Legal, Political and Administrative Structures – establishes the legal, political and administrative structures required to maintain effective management of Kapawe’no First Nation interests.


Membership Code – sets out the eligibility requirements for individuals seeking membership with the Kapawe’no First Nation, and the process through which applications for membership are reviewed.


Protocol for Relationships with Government – the commitment of the Kapawe’no First Nation and its leadership to establish and maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships with other governments.

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