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Child Welfare

Child Welfare Committee Overview:

Kapawe'no Child Welfare Advisory Committee members are as follows: Rose Laboucan, Alberta Halcrow, and Pam Halcrow, They have been apart of this committee for approximately 20 years. This committee is only an advisory committee, they are not qualified to act on behalf of a Child/Family worker. The KFN Child Welfare Committee is required to follow the following terms of reference:

  1. To provide a consultative forum that can effectively provide advice on current and future direction for the Kapawe'no First Nation Child Welfare Committee.

  2. To support and enhance the positive development of children and families of the Kapawe'no First Nation.

  3. To act as an advocate or support for on/off reserve children from the Kapawe'no First Nation.

  4. To provide information with respect on the family genealogy, to the Children Services workers and child if requested.

Contact numbers to remember.

Debbie LaRiviere-Willier - Director Child/Family Services,

Lessor Slave Lake Indian Regional Council, Sucker Creek


Cordellia Giroux - Child/Family Worker,

Lessor Slave Lake Indian Regional Council, Sucker Creek


On call Worker 24 hours 


Lakeshore Regional Police

1-855-299-0138 (Office)


Crisis Phone Line





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