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Health Services

Health Centre


Phone: 780-751-2284

For inquiries, please email:

Health Manager / LPN
Marcella Schnurr
Assistant to the Health Manager
Austin Guttinger
Registered Nurse
Katherine Hiebert
Licensed Practical Nurse
Michael Yankowski
Medical Transportation Coordinator
Courtney (Sam) Halcrow
Medical Transportation Driver/Relief MTC
Colin Chalifoux
Medical Transportation Driver
Jonathon Cunningham
Healthy Living Educator/ COHI Aide
Sarah Germain
Healthy Kiddos Leader
Kayla Cardinal
Tanisha Halcrow
Jaylynne Halcrow

Kapawe’no First Nation individuals living off-reserve can contact:

  1. Transportation Coordinator at LESSER SLAVE LAKE INDIAN REGIONAL COUNCIL

    • Phone: 780-523-6400


    • Phone: 1-800-514-7106


Medical Transportation

Eligible clients are responsible for booking their own doctor appointments with general practitioners in High Prairie or McLennan. Clients requesting services are required to provide the following information if not already on file:

  • Time/date of appointment

  • Doctor and clinic name, address and telephone number

  • Home or location of transportation pick up

  • Home or contact phone number

  • Escort name (if applicable)

The medical van will be used for all local trips. 24 hr notice is required to book the medical van. The medical van is for medical appointments only not for personal shopping or business. “Van Pooling” will be used for more than one appointment at/around the same time/location.

Mileage for private vehicle use to local general practitioners in High Prairie or McLennan will not be reimbursed unless authorized by the Medical Transportation Coordinator prior to the appointment. All pre-authorized mileage claims must be submitted 5 days before the appointment in order to receive payment in time.

Failure to attend a scheduled medical appointment, for which mileage has been given, will result in the client having to pay his/her own way to future medical appointments until the amount owned is cleared off. All appointments to see a specialist will be upon a referral from a general practitioner. The specialist appointment must be to the nearest appropriate facility to your address. A referral letter is required to utilize services i.e.: meals, accommodations and transportation. This is the patients’ responsibility to ensure the Medical Transportation Coordinator receives referral letter 5 days prior to appointment. Patients requesting service are required to provide the following information if not already on file:

  • Time/date of appointment

  • Referring doctor, specialist, test procedure name, address and phone number for verification.

  • Mode of transportation

  • Other services requirements:

  • Accommodation (commercial or private)

  • Meals

  • Cabs or referral

  • Escort

  • Back up service arrangements in city

Escorted travel costs will be provided if needed for medical or legal reasons. Medical need for escorted transportation is to be verified in writing by physician upon request by Transportation Medical Coordinator.

Attendance at appointments will be verified by returning a confirmation slip signed by the medical office and/or health facility.

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