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New Airing & Fogging Disinfectant

Kapawe'no First Nation recently held a one day training on the new Airing and Fogging disinfectant equipment from Alberta Health Solutions. The new equipment is to be used for disinfecting areas and spaces around our community to help fight against the spread of COVID-19. We will be using the disinfectant in Community buildings and offices, houses and vehicles.

The equipment we are using includes:

  1. All Natural, Health Canada Approved Disinfectant Solutions

  2. Cordless Fogger, used for fogging vehicles.

  3. Fogger, used for fogging homes and offices.

  4. Airing Machine, used for cleaning the air we breathe in our Community buildings.

Learn more about Alberta Health Solutions and the equipment at

Contact Lyle at 780-536-6008 to arrange a time for your home to be fogged by trained members. Let's continue to work together to help keep our Nation safe.


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