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Mother's Day Draw

Due to COVID restrictions, the Health Centre staff took the mother's who are living on KFN and put them in for a Mother's Day draw.

The winners of the draw are

  1. Lisa Halcrow

  2. Kelly Auger

  3. Melanie Halcrow

Congratulations to the Mother's Day winners!

Please come choose your prize on Friday May 6, 2021.

Rose bushes from Flower Frenzy and Charmed Aroma Candles for all our Mom's have been ordered, but unfortunately will not arrive until next week. We had hoped that they would have been here for your special day, but that does not mean that you are not special - because we all know you are!

Watch the draw here

Wishing all the mother's a safe and happy Mother's Day weekend,

from Kapawe'no First Nation Administration and Health Centre Staff.



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